How to avoid Las Vegas traffic

Las Vegas does not really need any special kind of introduction. It is a city known all across the globe, drawing 49.5 million tourists just last year. And while you might have been already calling the number of professional movers Las Vegas with the wish of moving there, this last information might have shaken your determination. That is a lot of people in one single city, and just the traffic would take plenty of your time, not to mention the lines everywhere, right? Well, not really, especially when it comes to the former. You don’t have to be living in the city for 10 years to know how to avoid Las Vegas traffic. All you need is our guide.

Avoid rush hour in Las Vegas

Rush hour happens here around the same time it happens in all other cities. Expect traffic jams during morning hours from 7am to 9 am, and evenings from 4pm to 6pm, as well as at weekends. This is simply due to people going and coming back from work. However, what is specific to Vegas is that traffic becomes heavy in tourists areas after 4pm. The Strip tends to be slow-going most of the time, with the tendency of turning into a virtual car park when the town is busy.

A woman looking at her watch
Your best bet at avoiding traffic jams is to circumvent the known rush hours.

Busiest parts of Las Vegas

Here is the fact mostly known to experienced movers Paradise NV, as they use these roads regularly: the I-15 is the most congested road in Las Vegas. That is why Project Neon is in the workings, having the goal of improving the busiest stretch of highway in Nevada. It sees 300,000 vehicles a day, and 25,000 lane-changes per hour. This upgrade will connect carpool lanes on US highway 95 to the Interstate 15 express lanes with that signature flyover bridge you must have seen before.

Avoid this street in Las Vegas…

What you might not know is that the city you plan on moving to is also a home to the busiest street intersection in the world. It lays between the Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue. The streets are indeed wide, but the traffic is nonetheless heavy and always busy. Crossing it as a pedestrian at ground level is simply impossible. The only way to get across is by using the overpass bridges that are provided, some having escalators.

 …And these intersections

Since you plan on driving after your move to Las Vegas, you might want to consider avoiding the intersection of Charleston Blvd and Lamb Boulevard. This intersection has been deemed the most dangerous in this city, as it holds the record for most car accidents than any other intersection in Las Vegas.

A traffic jam on a highway
Unfortunately, lots of vehicles call for at least some accidents. Keep your eyes open when driving in Las Vegas.

Another one to look out for is the intersection between Sahara Avenue and Rainbow Boulevard. This one is followed by the entire stretch of Tropicana Avenue from east to west. These streets and intersections should be your last options when it comes to driving in Las Vegas. And, if you use them, make sure to employ extreme caution.

A few tips to help you avoid Las Vegas traffic

While navigating through Las Vegas can be challenging due to large crowds, especially if you are driving, there are still ways to avoid the heavy traffic. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Try using parallel roads. Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise known as The Strip, is by far the most popular road in the city. Skipping it is a smart move if you are in a hurry. However, you don’t have to change your whole route, but simply go for any of the roads parallel to it to bypass the traffic including Paradise Road and Kaval Lane on the eastern side, and S. Industrial Road, Frank Sinatra Drive, and Dean Martin Drive on the west end.
  • Use the Las Vegas Monorail. It stops at some of the major Las Vegas resorts along the Las Vegas Boulevard, having various ticketing options. It will allow you to find the perfect option for you Vegas Trip, as some stops include the MGM Grand Station and The LINQ/Harrah’s Station.
  • Consider the Desert Inn Road. It is possible to bypass the Strip altogether even if you are checking out the local scene in Las Vegas. Simply take Desert Inn Road. This is one of the longest streets running from both sides of the valley, getting you to your destination in no time.
  • Take a ride on the Beltway Bypass. Another great way to avoid the Strip is to take the Beltway Bypass. It wraps three-quarters of the wall around the valley, providing easy access to the outskirts of town.
The Strip in Las Vegas during nightime
Avoiding the Strip will be one of your biggest challenges when driving in Las Vegas.

Great sources for traffic patterns in Las Vegas

Hitting traffic in Sin City is virtually a guarantee. However, a well-informed traveler has better odds of avoiding Las Vegas traffic. With that said, here are some great resources that will help you navigate roadways here, allowing you to be fast and efficient when and where possible:

  • NDOT’s 511 Nevada Travel Info system will provide you with a real-time road conditions. National Weather Service is your reliable source of weather conditions.
  • NDOT also has traffic cameras that will give you an eye on the road both in Las Vegas and Reno areas.
  • The road maps from NDOT will certainly help you make your travels through Nevada easier.
  • Not to mention that the Travel Nevada page will help you understand where you are going in the first place when visiting Nevada.

Final thoughts

In order to avoid Las Vegas traffic you will have to know your way around town a bit. However, what is of utmost importance when driving here is that you make sure to avoid anything that could distract you while driving. Remember where you are, and look out for pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and all those famous tourists who come to this mecca for a chance to hit it big and go home rich. Learning the roads is always good. As accidents are often to occur, you always want to have a ‘plan B’ as a backup.

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