How to Relocate a Bunk Bed Like a Pro

However immense the endeavor of relocation is, you need to be ready to embrace it. You should be very good at multitasking. Taking care of myriads of moving the ins and outs simultaneously is overwhelming. But, it is beyond necessary. So, make a plan and stick to it. You find relocation stressful? Well, you might be right. But you have to learn how to deal with it successfully. First and foremost, google residential moving companies Las Vegas. When you opt for a moving company, you like best, discuss the terms, conditions and how much you are going to pay for having them help you relocate. Next, it is pivotal to load your belongings properly. For that reason, think of the best ways to relocate a bunk bed.

There are plenty of ways to relocate a bunk bed such as this one
To relocate a bunk bed is no simple challenge

To Relocate a Bunk Bed, You Should Disassemble it First

It’s relatively unlikely you will be able to move bunk bed without disassembling it. How does one disassemble furniture with ease? When it comes to a bunk bed, it can be taken out just like that because the typical door frame isn’t wide enough. For this reason, you need to relocate it piece by piece. First, remove the sheets, mattresses and other bedding. Then, move to reduce their weight. It is much easier to relocate them if they are lighter than the other way around.

And now for the problematic part. Disassembling a bunk bed means ample screws and bolts. Each of them has a specific place where it fits. That is why you might benefit from taking a picture first. As a result, you’ll know how to reassemble it once you settle in in your new home. Next, bag and tag them. You should keep the bag in moving essentials bag just in case. They are tiny; hence you can easily get them lost.

Get Down to Separating it

Even if you do due diligence and remove the bedding, it does not guarantee successful relocating. The bunk bed frame is not moving-friendly. So, this might be one of the reasons why you should hire professional movers. In the meantime, come up with how to get relocating it over with on your own. The best method you can use is to separate the top bed from the lower one.

You are going to need ample screws to relocate bunk bed
Take care of screws when relocating a bunk bed

To do so, you need to identify the screws connecting them. When that part is done, move to unscrew it. Make sure not to lose any because they keep bunk bed secured. So, your children’s safety is at stake. Remember their arrangement to re-screw the bolts properly. Finally, be wary of what could go wrong. If a bunk bed construction falls, you could get a nasty moving injury.

Come up with the Loading Tactic to Relocate a Bunk Bed

The bunk bed frame is robust. Similarly, it takes lots of space when loaded. Not necessarily, though. Make use of placing it before any other item on a moving truck.

Additionally, place it differently to save space. Next, use other belongings to prevent it from moving. As a consequence, it won’t fall thus crushing the boxes containing fragile objects. What a great belt-tightening method, right? Speaking of which, you need to remember to get into the aspect of professional moving quotes Las Vegas.

Storing is Important

Thinking about unloading it should direct you to why renting storage is a good idea to keep the sheets safe until the bunk bed is good to go. Before storing your linens, make sure it’s clean and away from treacherous terrain prone to landslide and flood. After checking how safe storage is, don’t be afraid of storing the sheets. What you need to think through is packing for storage.

Deal with the Mattress

Ok, so the bunk bed is successfully loaded on a moving truck. Your next task is to get the mattresses ready as well. You should vacuum them first. That way you’ll be sure the dust is gone which is, in fact, a weight off your mind. It’s also a possibility to leave it outside for a day or two, provided you have booked relocation in advance, to soak up some sun. It’s a great way to refresh it, and your kids will be looking forward to sleeping on a pillow-like mattress.

You need to remove the mattress first so as to relocate a bunk bed
Don’t forget to take mattress into consideration

Having done that, consider what packing materials you should use to wrap the bed. Given their size and purpose, you need a light material providing a high level of protection during the transport. With this in mind, nylon is your best bet. Moving blankets should work, too.

Re-assembling it is

Yes, you’ve had a lot on your plate regarding moving bunk beds. However, you’re not done yet. What you need to do now is to do everything once again, but in a different way. First, wait until the frames are unloaded. Then, do the heavy lifting and transport it to the kids’ room. Re-assemble it on the spot. To do so, jog your memory on where to put screws, in what order and which one fits perfectly. Make sure the construction is secure by testing it. If it can support your weight, that’s a way to go! Bring the mattresses and sheets back. The icing on the cake is a teddy bear on your daughter’s bed or a Peppa Pig pillowcase for your son. Sweet dreams!


To sum up, to relocate a bunk bed is no picnic. It requires to put into a lot of effort. In other words, you need to be entirely devoted to it. Since that’ the case, start planning how to do it.

To begin with, read DIY manuals on moving. Next, obtain ample packing supplies. Do not forget to compare and contrast the moving companies’ estimates and reviews. Ask for help, if necessary. Likewise,  use a moving calculator to do the math. Last but not least, no matter how insane it may sound, try enjoying it as much as you can. You’ll realize eventually small things are anything but small.

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