The pros and cons of working in Vegas

When you hear Vegas, you probably think flashing lights, casinos, eloping, and Elvis. But of course, this city is much more than this. Although called Sin City, it is not just a place to have fun or gamble. A lot of people actually live and work here. They definitely have a different perspective of the city than those who come as tourists. As with every place, there are pros and cons of working in Vegas. In the following article, we will try to stress some of the most important ones. In case you are considering a move to Las Vegas because of work, make sure you hire some of the top moving companies Las Vegas can offer. But before you make any decision, let us elaborate on some pros and cons of moving and working in Las Vegas.

Looking for a job in Vegas or already have one?

There is quite a difference between already having a job in Vegas and looking for a new one after you move to the city. Since Las Vegas is most famous because of The Strip and casinos, there are a lot of people working in the hospitality sector. In case you have a career in some other area of business, opportunities in the city are not that numerous. But Nevada as a state is rapidly growing economy-wise. There is also a third option of moving an already existing business to the city and making it grow. If this is your case, make contact with commercial movers Las Vegas, and schedule an appointment. They will help you move your business quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a small startup or already developed company, you will be satisfied with the services movers will provide.

The casino which represents both pros and cons of working in Vegas
The majority of jobs are casino and hospitality related

Pros and cons of working in Vegas

Before we start making lists of the pros and cons of working in Vegas, know that nothing is set in stone. Someone’s pro can be someone else’s con. We have gathered information based on what people who live and/or work in Vegas say about the city. It does not necessarily mean the following will apply to you or have any effect. But it is good to know some facts before deciding to move to Las Vegas or to accept a tempting job offer there.

Pros of working in Las Vegas

  1. A lot of tech opportunities: If you come from the IT sector, then you might just hit the jackpot with finding a job in Vegas. With the casino business never going out of fashion and other industries in need of IT people, you will have no difficulty in finding a job. Companies such as Apple, eBay, and Microsoft have already set up offices within Nevada. This gives more reasons to move to Las Vegas.
  2. Tax benefits: When you live in a state where there is no state income tax, you know that it is also a good foundation for business development. Whether you are only an employee or an entrepreneur, you should use all the benefits given.
  3.  Being a part of the entertainment business: As we already mentioned the majority of the business in Vegas has to do with casinos and hotels. Working in the hospitality business does not always mean working as a bell boy, maid, or a card dealer. There are a lot of other opportunities, you just need to seek them.
  4. A lot of outdoor activities: After a long day or week at work, you might want to go out and enjoy nature around Vegas. There are skiing, hiking and other activities you can enjoy. You can even organize a team-building with your colleagues, by planning a weekend out of the city.
Tax statement
The great side of working and even living in Vegas is that there is no state income tax

Cons of working in Vegas

  1. Public transportation: For people who are used to using a subway, not having one might come as a shock. There are public buses, but that is pretty much it. The con of working in Vegas is that you basically cannot get anywhere without a car. So if you planned to be all eco-friendly, this might not be the place for you to work.
  2. Weather: Since the city is in the middle of a desert, the weather is dry and warm. The summers can be just too much for those who cannot really stand the heat. Driving to work during summer, even with the AC on is not ideal. You need to know what to expect when relocating business in Las Vegas.
  3. Omnipresent gambling: Living or working in Vegas does not necessarily mean being close to a casino. But, living in the city where you can find casinos everywhere you go can sometimes be too tempting. If you have no self-control, you can find yourself in big trouble, and maybe even losing your job.
  4. Education: Nevada has been ranked worst in the nation in a highly regarded report card for state education systems. This is bad news if you want to upgrade yourself school-wise, even as an adult. Some of the business opportunities might depend on the school degree you have.
A pair of dice and money chips
Gambling is one of the cons of working in Vegas as you can easily get sucked into that kind of lifestyle


If you are a resident of Las Vegas all of the above will already be familiar to you. If you are thinking about moving to Nevada or even Vegas itself, we hope the above helped a bit. As we stated before, the pros and cons can sometimes be very individual. Constant hot weather can be a deal-breaker for some and a game-changer for others. Also, the entertainment business might be too much for someone’s taste, while others might enjoy it very much, and decide to come and work in Vegas due to this. The decision to come to Sin City and try out your luck will eventually be only yours. We are here to provide guidance if necessary, by publishing this article.

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