Why do People Leave Nevada and Where do They Move to

There are many people who decide to leave the city or state where they are currently living every year. Nevada has been one of the most popular destinations for relocation for many people. However, it has been a state from which many people have decided to move away. So, in case you were wondering “Why do people leave Nevada and where do they move to” here are some answers for you.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the biggest Nevada’s city.

Why People Move Away From Nevada

Although the Silver State has many benefits to offer, that does not seem to stop people from leaving it. Nevada has a great job market. It is, actually, one of the fastest-growing in the U.S. Many people come here for job opportunities. Also, taxes are a huge advantage. There is no state income tax, and there are no sale taxes for things such as food and medicine. And finally, Nevada is popular for its diverse culture and people that come from Nevada are considered very welcoming. So, knowing all this, why do people leave Nevada and where do they move to? Let’s first see the reasons why.


Nevada is among the least educated states. Its schools are considered below average and there aren’t many good options. Because of this, many college students and whole families chose to hire packing and moving companies Las Vegas and relocate to another state with better education options.

The Weather

One of the things many people find difficult about living in Nevada is its climate. That is why some people decide on moving from Las Vegas to New York. There aren’t many rainy days throughout the year, and there are more than 300 sunny days on average. The summertime days can be very hot. So, if you are not used to it, Nevada may not be a perfect home for you.

The weather is one of the reason to the question Why do people leave Nevada and where do they move to
“The weather” is a part of an answer to the question “Why do people leave Nevada and where do they move to?”

There Aren’t Many Big Cities

Besides Las Vegas, the state of Nevada does not really have any other big cities to offer. There are also a few medium-sized cities such as Reno and Henderson. However, this is problematic for some people who are keen on living in big cities. If this is your case, you can consider hiring interstate moving companies Las Vegas which will make your move easier.

Where People Move Away From Nevada

After giving a few reasons why people move away from Nevada, let’s see where they mostly relocate to. Firstly, whichever state you choose to move to, we know that an interstate move can be quite challenging, so we compiled a list of a few tips for you. Next, neighboring states such as California and Arizona are the most popular choices for interstate moves for people from Nevada. Some other popular choices are Utah and Texas. After those, Florida is a place where people also decide to move, often to spend their retirement years.

New York

Another choice for relocation for many is New York. We know that New York offers countless options in every aspect of life, so that can be a good enough reason to move for some. Students often choose to go to college in New York, and many people get great job offers in the Big Apple.

New York
Times Square in New York.

We hope that after reading this you have a clearer picture of “Why do people leave Nevada and where do they move to.” Many benefits that Nevada offers are not enough for some and they choose to relocate. Whatever the reason for your move or your next destination may be, make sure that you plan your move on time and consider hiring professional help.

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